Certain Oils Work

Only certain oils will work with this device. The recommended oils are: coconut oil, rosemary oil (diluted), argan hair oil, almond hair oil, and olive oil.

Other oils such as castor oils or any oil that has a thick consistency will unfortunately not work well with our Bell Brush.

Oil Draining Tip and Automatic Shutdown Feature

Due to the residual oil in the teeth after pausing, a helpful tip is to stand the Bella Brush upright to allow the remaining oil to drain out.

Bella Brush  is equipped with a shutdown function, which starts counting after starting up and automatically shuts down in 10 minutes.

Battery Management and Charging Status Indicators

When the battery voltage is low, the 3 red light waves will flash continuously for 6 times to remind you. After the low voltage warning, Bella Brush  can work for another 4 minutes.

The white indicator light of the charging status is always on, and the white indicator light of the charging status is off. In charging mode, it can work.